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From Lease Negotiation To Resolving Disputes

Zollie C. Steakley, PLLC has significant experience in statewide wind energy law representing landowners in contract negotiation with energy companies and civil disputes. When an energy company contacts you regarding land use, it is important to consult with an experienced wind energy lawyer as soon as possible. We will inform you of your rights and ensure that your monetary interests and land are protected from abuse. We will take the time to inform you of all of your rights and options before you enter an agreement with an energy company.

We protect your monetary interests, secure royalties for benefits of your land, and preserve your land for future use. Contact us learn more about your rights in wind energy law.

Lease negotiation: We will negotiate a lease on behalf of landowners interested in protecting their rights and interests in a contract with a wind energy company. Typically, we work with clients after a wind energy company has contacted them for land use purposes. Our duty is to ensure that each client’s contractual rights reflect their monetary interests, the amount they receive for damages and occupation of the land, royalties tied to the land for energy produced, and to ensure protections against abuse of the land.

In drafting and negotiating the terms of your agreement, our firm will consider:

  • Monetary interest paid for damages and occupation of land and royalties tied to the amount of energy produced
  • Protections against the use of your land specifying the terms for clean up and maintenance
  • Duration of the lease to ensure accuracy and protect you and your heirs against encumbrances upon the land and to appropriately address the costs of inflation

Wind Energy Law Disputes

In addition to lease negotiation, we also represent clients in wind and energy disputes against energy companies. If you are facing wind energy litigation, our aggressive litigation team will begin an immediate investigation into your case or claim. We have extensive experience in wind energy law and can efficiently and effectively deliver results in your case.

Contact Zollie C. Steakley, PLLC for an initial consultation with an experienced civil lawyer in Big Country Area, Texas.

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