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Assistance Drafting And Enforcing Contracts

There was a time when a person’s word was his or her bond and a deal could be finalized with nothing more than a handshake. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Not everyone’s word is good, and some handshake deals expire before a person’s hand returns to his or her side.

To succeed in today’s business and legal environment, it is crucial to have contracts in place that clearly spell out each party’s obligations, and you must be prepared to fight for your rights when those obligations are not upheld.

Strong Legal Counsel From An Experienced Attorney

That is where the law firm of Zollie C. Steakley, PLLC, comes into the picture. We have been representing the interests of businesses in Sweetwater and surrounding Texas communities since 1976, earning high marks for client service and aggressive representation.

You can rely on our firm to handle all of your contract-related needs, from the drafting and reviewing of contracts to litigation over the breach of a contract such as:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Marketing contracts
  • Asset and stock purchase agreements

Time Spent Now Can Save Time And Money Later

If a contract dispute results in litigation, you can rest assured we are prepared to fight for your rights in court. However, actions we take in the early stages, such as drafting and reviewing contracts, can help you avoid future litigation and the costs that come with it.

Are you ready to speak to a lawyer about your contracts? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.