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Protecting Your Family, Your Property and Your Business
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Are Your Wishes Known?

Planning for your future now can provide you and your loved ones with the ultimate gift: peace of mind. Wills are not just for the elderly or even those with children. Regardless of your age or life circumstances, it is important to have a will in order to make your most personal wishes known and minimize complications for your heirs.

At the law firm of Zollie C. Steakley, PLLC, in Sweetwater, Texas, we can help you make sure that your family members and property are protected in the event of your death. Your lawyer will draft a will that reflects crucial factors such as taxes, insurance, property and even your health care wishes.

In-Depth Guidance Tailored To Your Unique Circumstances

Do you have children? Do you own a business? Have you remarried? Do you own ranch property?

All of these scenarios can result in specific issues that must be addressed in a will. We will leave nothing to chance and ensure that your life’s work is preserved as much as possible, preventing lengthy probate, avoiding excessive taxation and red tape that is encountered when a will is put together sloppily.

Whether you are a single person with few assets, have a multimillion-dollar estate or need help with issues such as long-term care and living wills, we can simplify the process and provide you with the peace of mind you seek.

Protecting Your Legacy

You have worked hard to provide for yourself and your family. We will work hard to make sure your legacy is preserved after you are gone. Do you have questions about drafting a will? Contact us today to get answers from a knowledgeable attorney.