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Should you use social media during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Divorce |

For many people, social media is an important and big part of their day-to-day lives. However, when you file for divorce, it may be time to take a break or carefully consider what you post. 

Keep reading to learn what you should and should not do when using social media during your divorce

Change your passwords

Married couples share almost everything – this may include passwords to your social media accounts, email and more. Now is the time to change your password to ensure no one can access your accounts. Even if you don’t think your ex would do anything, you never know – especially in a divorce. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Avoid courthouse selfies

You don’t want to take selfies at the courthouse. You can get in trouble and cause a family law matter to be even more stressful than it already is. Besides that, you don’t really want your private life to be on full public display.

Never badmouth your spouse

While you may use social media to vent your frustrations in life, you need to avoid talking about your ex. Even posts that are inspirational can be taken the wrong way. Bashing your ex on social media is the last thing you want to do. In the end, this will only cost you more time and money. Wait to post these things until after your divorce is final. 

Protecting yourself in a divorce

Divorce is stressful and challenging, even in the best circumstances. Avoid making the situation worse by keeping the social media tips above in mind. Once the divorce is final, you can resume your typical social media use without worry. Still, if you want to achieve the best possible outcome for your case, you should avoid social media during your divorce.