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From babysitter to custodian, grandparents fit the circumstances

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Family Law |

Children develop fond memories with their grandparents who cared for them while mom and dad “went to work.” Every treasured memory, however, has an opportunity cost. Relationships among immediate family evolve continually. Grandparents who want to indulge more in their retirement can still create time to share with those whom they cherish most, whether by choice or circumstance: their grandchildren.

New normal puts everyone in a different place under the same roof

Workplace dynamics, public health concerns and the economy have altered the paradigm of home life over the past two years. Nolan County has felt the impact directly. For the most recent year, the ratio of marriages to divorces here stands at more than 3:1. Yet, different and distinct pressures, some altogether unfamiliar, may impact parents whose nuclear family interacts in the home more than they have ever known.

Legal options for families and grandparents

The increasing demand of employees to work remotely may necessitate fewer calls from mom and dad to nana or papa to watch the kids. Grandparents, however, can exercise legal action under Texas law when they deem their interests serve the best interest of the child. A successful petition for possession of access to a grandchild requires a legal hurdle not easy to surmount.

Complex circumstances arise naturally from complex relationships. Families, no matter the scope or type, ultimately want the children insulated from the effects of a divorce. Grandparents can, under certain circumstances, satisfy that purpose with the help of an attorney. All the while, they can create the same memories their grandchildren will recall as they age.