Oil and Gas Law

Texas Landowner Rights Lawyer

Federal and state governments are heavily involved in the management of natural resources and have enacted numerous laws and regulations and formed a wealth of governmental agencies dedicated to preserving natural resources. At Zollie C. Steakley, PLLC, we are experienced in the natural resource arena, including minerals and mining, oil and gas, and water and riparian rights.

We negotiate the sales and leases of natural resources, interpret treaties and research records of resource ownership. We prepare and interpret lease agreements, helping determine the royalties, percentages, and other lease terms and conditions to ensure that your rights are protected.

Oil and Gas Litigation

Firm founder Zollie C. Steakley is Board Certified Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been licensed to practice law since 1973. In his vast experience, he has experiencing litigating oil and gas disputes for oil companies and landowners, including disputes related to:

  • Failure to sell oil properly pursuant to lease agreement
  • Failure to pay landowner pursuant to lease agreement
  • Negligent operation of mining
  • Improper management of the lease

We have a solid record and reputation for trusted, reliable, and results-driven legal representation. We have broad experience in civil litigation and can effectively assert your rights in or out of court.

Oil and Gas Title Opinion Preparation

Zollie C. Steakley can also prepare oil and gas title opinions. In preparing these opinions he works with the landmen to determine ownership rights. His investigations are thorough to ensure that our clients' rights and financial interests are protected.

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